10 Jan, 2014

Borrowers possibly elude foreclosures -  Thousands of defaulted borrowers across Florida could benefit from the state’s five-year statute of limitations on redressing debts, the Palm Beach Post reported. The...

10 Jan, 2014

Under Water Homes are still rampant in S. Florida -  One-third of homes in region worth 25% less than mortgage. Home prices are rising and foreclosure filings are dropping, but South Florida still has plenty of homeowners who are underwater...

28 Mar, 2012

Wanted: Young, Hip, Homebuyers -  The flip is back. Despite a sluggish housing market and tight credit, hordes of short-term investors are once again raking in the profits, after scooping up, sprucing up and reselling...


Thanks for checking out Miami Real Estate Club's events page. We will be scheduling various events throughout the year such as bus trips, various types of workshops, and of course our monthly meetings. Currently Miami Real Estate Club has the following events Scheduled:

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  TBA                 Monthly Meeting        6:30 - 9:00        $10

                Bus Trip                       9:30- 3:30         $100

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