10 Jan, 2014

Borrowers possibly elude foreclosures -  Thousands of defaulted borrowers across Florida could benefit from the state’s five-year statute of limitations on redressing debts, the Palm Beach Post reported. The...

10 Jan, 2014

Under Water Homes are still rampant in S. Florida -  One-third of homes in region worth 25% less than mortgage. Home prices are rising and foreclosure filings are dropping, but South Florida still has plenty of homeowners who are underwater...

28 Mar, 2012

Wanted: Young, Hip, Homebuyers -  The flip is back. Despite a sluggish housing market and tight credit, hordes of short-term investors are once again raking in the profits, after scooping up, sprucing up and reselling...

Bus trips

Attend our monthly bus trips where we look at properties on our list, learn to estimate what the cost of the repairs may be, and make offers. Whether your looking for a house to fix and sale or build your rental portfolio  We have extensive knowledge in both areas. We are currently buying, fixing, and selling single family houses. We have done 100's of renovations in the Miami area since 1995. We have done single family houses, historic homes, apartment buildings, and a small office building. We will look at houses that are currently going through various stages of renovations.
     Also, we have 30 rentals in our portfolio and have owned and managed up to 100 units. We can give you advise on rehabbing for the rental market versus the retail market. We also have extensive knowledge with various government rental programs including Section 8.
     We do our bus trips on Saturdays from 9:30 AM till 3:30 PM. If Saturday is not a good day for you let us know and we can schedule a Sunday trip. We look for to seeing you on the bus soon.


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